Hooseki Hydrant Box Indoor Type B


Ukuran 125 X 75 X 18 cm

Dapat dilengkapi dengan : Fire Hose type PU atau Red Rubber coupling machino ukuran 1,5″ X 30 m 1 unit Jet Nozle ukuran 1,5″ coupling machino 1 unit Fire Hydrant valve ukuran 1,5″ coupling machino 1 unit Hose Rack 1,5″

Store:  Jakarta

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Spesifikasi Hydrant Box Indoor Hooseki

Material Plate : 1,2 mm Mild Steel
Proses Produksi : Dust Remover > Posphating > Zinc Chromate Primer
Finishing : Top Coat Powder Coating Red Signal

Weight 57 kg


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